Robalo Australia, a story of strength and stamina now in Australia

Robalo has always built premier quality, performance-minded fishing boats. Our primary focus has always been on family fishermen that take their sport seriously. Innovation is priority one. Always has been. Robalo was the first to innovate the widely popular T-Top.

We also were the first boat company to weld our bow rails instead of using riveted fittings. Robalo's innovative Hydro Lift deep vee hull design is a performance breakthrough that sets us apart from other fishing boats.

Two heads are better than one. Buck Pegg and Jim Lane form boating's most successful partnership. The duo joined forces in 1977 and are the driving force that propels Robalo and Chaparral. From day one they vowed to never implement a management decision that both didn't agree on.

While decisions are made in concert, responsibilities never overlap. Buck Pegg runs Manufacturing and Engineering. Jim Lane handles Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Customer Service, Finance and Accounting. Neither operates in a corporate ivory tower, but is hands on every step of the way.


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